Reliat Julien Infographie et Dramaturgie



There is an illustration which will be print for a max size poster and offered to my lovely nephew for his « FIRST » happy birthday ^^

Principal elements sculped in Zbrush, Composition using Photoshop.

Assets Set

There is a thread where will be posted differents assets oriented next gen, from severals theme. The objective is to get 5 to 10 elements and work on as much as univers possible.

Lets begin with « Ancient Egypt » :

« Egyptian Ancient Mirror »


Egyptian Ancient Mirror
by ulwaen
on Sketchfab

« Canopic Jar »

From left to the right :

– « Amset » (404 triangles)
– “Douamoutef” (534 triangles)
– « Hâpi » (442 triangles)
– « Qebehsenouf » (412 triangles)

by ulwaen
on Sketchfab

by ulwaen
on Sketchfab

by ulwaen
on Sketchfab

by ulwaen
on Sketchfab

« Sarcophagus »

I have made vivid colors because the Egyptian elements I’m working on are an interpretation of what they could have look like in the past.

by ulwaen
on Sketchfab

Sarcophagus enhanced edition

Regarding the fact in the first version, all the UV was gather in the same board, there was a significative lost of details.
So I have remade two texture of 2048 height (Inside / outside of the sarcophagus) to get all these informations which looked previously really blury.
Like this it is possible to load only one map ingame, if the sarcophagus is supposed to be closed !

Sarcophagus HD
by ulwaen
on Sketchfab

« Egyptian Chariot »


01 Medieval Hall UDK

Restructuring of the scene
Windows part
Library part
Render 01
Column's part high
Render 02
Chandelier mermaid
Render 03
The giant's sword

Unreal Engine 4 Update


There is the project I worked on at Playsoft :

Follow the game’s news here :


You may download and play it for free by clicking on the link below :

Assets 3D next gen « next gen »

There is several proposition of « next gen » assets.

This is a preview from a project in collaboration  with a friend in the further months. The target is to make a virtual tour in UDK.

It will talk about a tribal civilisation, mysteriously disapeared, which has settled on the anciant culture’s vestige, technologicaly evolved.

First sketch :


It’s still missing the link sytem, using liana, then other branching between the wooden staff.


There is plan of the texture workflow (it includes the diffuse/diffuse/specular/normal, etc.).


First step of the ground’s texture (made with Zbrush, Photoshop et Ndo2).

Rock_Heap :



There is a preview in UDK (From the material editor) of the shader!


The impression of the "displacement" is due to the "normal map" and BumpOffset, using an "height"

P.S :  The "Height" has been got thanks to the Zdepth form Zbrush (by making a grab doc from the alpha or render with a BPR)


There is a preview of the « mesh paint » tool :

And the two maps of sand which blend with the stones


I made some test for the diffuse without variations (no waves, bump, etc.), but the volume vanished. So I blended an « occlusion » in the « diffuse » to get the bump effect in any light conditions.

Süaek’Amënëk (Soul Hunter)

You may follow the « step by step » of this project  here


ZBrush Speed Sketch

Speed Sketch done with Zbrush.

->Abims Fantastic Fish (+/-30 min)


The concept is to make a cripple « Steamgobelin » who will drive a steam wheelchair. By using the control, he manipulates the two big mechanical arms link to the wheelchair, to make roll the wheels when we could have thought it had some influence on any engine (gobelin style).

No concept art has been done for this project, only improvisation by using references here and there.

Here is some picture of the work in progress.


To see more pictures and follow the work in progress, you may click on the link below :



DominanceWar V


I participate this year ot the eponymous challenge and invite you to see the work in progress of my work below.

Here is the renders.

Eden Games

After the release of the game Test Drive Unlimited 2, there is a part of my humble participation to the project, as trainee in the studio EDEN GAMES. It’s about « props » you will see in the environment of the game and the cinematics.

The Cursed Crusade

There is 2 trailer of the game « The Cursed Crusade » I worked on as « Environment Artist ».

There is some screenshots of the environment I made, working on the modelisation, the textures, or both at the same time.

Deraiti’Tjiin 3D

Modelisation done directly in « Zbrush » using the « Zsphere »

There is the « mesh » from « Zbrush » done. The eyebrow, hair and beard will be done in « 3ds Max » thank to « alpha ».

Low Poly

The retopoly has been done with « Topogun »

The pictures above come directly from the « content browser » of « UDK ».