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Assets 3D next gen « next gen »

There is several proposition of « next gen » assets.

This is a preview from a project in collaboration  with a friend in the further months. The target is to make a virtual tour in UDK.

It will talk about a tribal civilisation, mysteriously disapeared, which has settled on the anciant culture’s vestige, technologicaly evolved.

First sketch :


It’s still missing the link sytem, using liana, then other branching between the wooden staff.


There is plan of the texture workflow (it includes the diffuse/diffuse/specular/normal, etc.).


First step of the ground’s texture (made with Zbrush, Photoshop et Ndo2).

Rock_Heap :



There is a preview in UDK (From the material editor) of the shader!


The impression of the "displacement" is due to the "normal map" and BumpOffset, using an "height"

P.S :  The "Height" has been got thanks to the Zdepth form Zbrush (by making a grab doc from the alpha or render with a BPR)


There is a preview of the « mesh paint » tool :

And the two maps of sand which blend with the stones


I made some test for the diffuse without variations (no waves, bump, etc.), but the volume vanished. So I blended an « occlusion » in the « diffuse » to get the bump effect in any light conditions.

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