Reliat Julien Infographie et Dramaturgie



Pleasant Sacrifice
Red Sonja
Lara Croft
Red Delta, Cammy White
Harley Quinn
Number Six (Battlestar Galactica)
Alice Liddell (Alice Madness Return)
Agent Shelby Spades


There is the first tatoo which has been done by TEPES, thanks to one of my concept art. This is a great works, true and even better than the reference.

Archives Ladies

As its name says, this section regroup some research about the femal in the univers of « Archives ».


Here is a litle work I made this summer in the Air France’s holidays camp to St PONS for a friend and the guardian of the center. It’s a volunteer  realisation which was a nice opportunity to work on great format. In fact the painting’s high is 2m and its width is 1m20. It has been realised with the same material used to cover the walls, the paint is the same one we may find in the collectivity, kind of a liquide gouache in can. I painted with a paintbrush, sponge and some rag and varnish and stick it on a wooden plank. The amount of time spends for this is about nine hours.

Lara Croft


There is a concept art to give a feeling of the differents « Castes » present in the fiction world’s project : « Archives ».

I will bring more informations about this univers everytime new graphic contents will speak about it.

The drawing has been made with a pencil and retake in « Photoshop ».

Forest Enchantress

The drawing has been made with graphite pencil and the digital painting in « Photoshop » (8h about).

Dungeons & Dragons

There is some illustration of playable character in the Univers of « Dungeon and Dragons » :

Colorization made in Photoshop.